The Power Of Vision Boards

The Power Of Vision Boards

When rewiring your thoughts for a more positive life one of the most powerful tools that you can utilize are vision boards.

vision boards

We humans are visual by nature. If we want to truly rewire our negative limiting beliefs then you will want to do more than just affirmations and meditation. I am a firm believer in the power of thought and the Law of Attraction. The main universal law states that ” Our attitudes and beliefs create a magnet to attract events, circumstances and opportunities to live out those attitudes and beliefs.

What Is A Vision Board

Basically it is a tool that helps you visually focus on your desires, intentions,and goals in life. If used correctly, like affirmations it can be a consistent reminder to focus, not on your negative thoughts but on the positive transformation that you have embarked on. Remember we are rewiring your brain to stop the negative self talk from our sub conscious mind. Studies have revealed that our thoughts can produce the same results as action. Mental imaging plays a big role in this. Vision boards help your brain train your body for the reality that you envision.

There are three main points of using a board

A:Focus and choice – Because it literally is a board(most commonly used is a bulletin board) it forces you to make the choices that you want to focus on the most. What are your desires or goals that you want to achieve first.These makes selecting the pictures and images more meaningful to you. When you start looking at pictures or messages to put on your board do so with feeling. They have to provoke a feeling a positivity. Be as detailed as possible, but do not overthink the process.

B:Visualization Is Powerful – Think and Grow Rich is a favorite book of mine written by Nepolean Hill. There is a part in there where he states β€œMan, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.” He goes on to include that “thoughts become things” that is a quote I have come to live by and I can not say it enough. IT WORKS. By visualizing our positive thoughts and what we want our goals and desires to be we are going to be focused on the action of acquiring them.

C:Consistency Is Power – Research as shown that a habit either bad or good takes around three weeks. A habit is an act of repeating an action. Each time it is repeated we are becoming stronger in that action. This holds true for our bad habits and for our good habits. This is how essentially to wire our brains and thoughts. A vision board allows us to be consistent in our new positive confidence selves.



There are as many kinds of boards as there are people, each one is unique to you. It can be streamlined or a chaotic piece of abstract art. Getting your self prepared is easy and can be fun too. Kind of like a treasure hunt.

The first important thing you will want to do is make a plan as to what kind of message you want your board to convey. You can benefit by making a list of your wishes and goals. Some question examples would be :

A: What are my true values in life?

B: What do I want my family life to look like? Or my home?

C: Do I see myself healthy and fit ? Get a good picture in detail of how that will look

D: Ask yourself (and be honest) What do I see myself doing in my free time? More traveling, volunteering etc.

E: What kind of money do I want? This is always a fun question.

You will want your goals and affirmations to be motivators.

vision board supplies

Now you will need to start gathering your supplies. Like stated earlier most boards are simple bulletin boards you can pick up almost anywhere Walmart,Office Supply,even thrift stores. Another board you can use is poster board.

I did have one friend of mine she used one whole side of her bedroom wall. She just kept adding to it has she grew in her own knowledge I’m not suggesting anything that elaborate but for her it worked and is still working.

Now just start gathering images that radiate with you. There is inspiration around almost every corner we live in now. You can use magazines for images, quotes,your own camera if you see something that inspires you or is in relation to one of your goals, go for it. You can even download a ton of free images on the internet. Books can be great resource for not only images but also quotes and affirmations.

If you want to use words, affirmations,quotes etc. get you some paper or my favorite construction paper. Write them down or paint them down even. Those little things are telling the universe and your thoughts that you are taking action.



Time To Create Your Vision

Make this like if you were treating yourself and getting all dressed up to go out on the town or a date. Feel the excitement of it and make it feel special. This is something special you are doing for yourself .

A: Find somewhere that is quite, a room in the house where you can just be with no interruptions.Try to set aside at least an hour preferably longer. Keep in mind that this is your time and that you are working on a special gift. A gift to yourself.

B: Set out all your supplies. The board that you will be using all your images, scissors everything. Set them all out in the room with you. That way you will not have to go searching for glue or construction paper or anything. This will keep you focused on the project at hand.

C: Get some relaxing music to play in the background. Something that will give you the sense of peace. Instrumental,sounds of nature or Tibetan chants

D: Light some of your incense or candles. Smells and our sense of smell can be powering. Bringing with it a sense of soothing energy.

E: This is one that I would recommend if you are comfortable with it. Meditate for a few minutes before assembling your board. If you are not completely comfortable meditating at least take a few moments to let go of your day especially any worries that you have had in the day. You want to get in touch with your feelings. Start creating!

Have fun and let yourself enjoy the process. Start looking through your images and start writing your quotes and sayings out. Every time you find a new image to paste on your board take a moment and hold it in your hands, look at it yet really look at that image. Feel the way that picture or image makes you feel. See yourself getting what you are wanting. Feel the emotion of it. What you are feeling are the feelings you want to get every time you look at your board.

After you are done put your board in a place that you will be able to see it at least once a day. Make it a goal to be able to sit and reflect with your board at least once a week for ten or fifteen minutes. Take that time to reflect on why you choose those images. Revisit the feelings of gratitude and happiness that you had when you held each one in your hands.

It can be a very powerful motivator in achieving what you want in life. Vision boards are a great tool in rewiring your thoughts in order to transform your life.


Activate the Law of Attraction in every area of your life!





Cathy Cavarzan


  1. I love this article. So informative and easy to follow the steps you set up to do a vision board. I am a firm believer in the spoken word and power of positivity. Thank you for putting this together.

    • My pleasure. I guess you can say positivity is a passion of mine. Even my first book was about transforming your life. Thank you for reading and your kind words.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Great article. I need to create a vision board for myself. I have been working very hard on rewiring myself lately. Tons of affirmations, positive messages, and books on the law of attraction. Thanks for some great info.

    • Thank you. Once you start it is a wonderful journey. Keep in mind that it doesn’t happen overnight but as long as you continue you will be amazed at the transformations taking place. As I am sure you probably have already started experiences. Defiantly try the vision board,my first attempt at a board failed,but after that I have always had at least one,they are wonderful reminders of what you are progresses toward.

  3. So, I’ve never had any results from the vision boards that I have created. I love the idea and concept of the power of attraction, but somewhere I am failing at it. Do you have any ideas why it wouldn’t work for someone?

    • It does take practice,my first one didn’t work either,not till I was reading something by Jack Canfield did I finally get it. The key is your emotions and feelings when you find the right images.It is one of the things I talk about holding each image in your hands for a bit and thinking positively how it would feel.

  4. Does your vision board have to start as a physical board? I was thinking maybe a Pinterest board would fit my lifestyle better, as I am on the computer all the time. This sounds like a really fun project either way. Kind of like scrapbooking for what you want rather than what you have done.

    • Absolutely with today’s technology there are ways to do this digitally also. I now there are programs for digital boards but I am not familiar with them myself. Yes it is a fun project I did one with my son for him years ago it was a blast.

  5. When I logged in the top banner is the only thing that would come up right away. I did leave a comment on one of the articles, but that seemed off also–I had to click on the title of each block in order to get my curser to show up in the block below–wasn’t working right. I like your layout and the focus of your site. Good luck.

  6. When I look at this article at first sight, I see this article just uses a simple layout. When I start to read it, i see more potential and benefit coming from this article. The quality of your content is really more importance. It touches my emotion. I believe many peoples come up some kind of question about what are the true values in life. This article gives the power of creating vision and goal. I like this article.

    • thank you for your kind words it is always a wonddrful feeling when i can make my readers feel the emotions through my words and teachings

  7. I’ve always wanted to create a vision board. When I was younger I had no idea what to put on it but no I am so sure. After reading this post, I think I am going to start one.
    I have a lot of negative self talk, I really think a vision board could help me focus on the positive and my dreams. I think about what I want in life all the time, creating a vision board can help me stay focused on achieving them.
    I love the idea of using the bedroom wall. I just imagine learning and loving yourself so much that you keep adding and dreaming.
    I like that you talked about soothing things in a peaceful room. I was getting so excited that I imagined upbeat music playing to go with my mood but when I thought about it, bringing my mood to a peaceful mood while completing my board will help me to internalize it better.
    Thanks for this inspirational post!

    • thank you for the kind words.You in turn have motivated me.I love k owing my words and thoughts have an affect on people. Personally peaceful music seems to work better at least in my experience.But hey maybe upbeat jamming away would work too. Lol Enjoy the experience..they do work.

  8. Hi Cathy
    LOL – many years ago I had my one bedroom wall full of pictures and quotes – that was my happy place. I loved laying on my bed, looking at each item – it was awesome.
    What I love most about vision boards, is that they are so versatile and unique.
    I have made my “vision board” onto several A4 pages, that I’ve glued into my diary. I love that it goes with me and that I can easily look at it when I have a few moments. It works for me! πŸ˜‰
    May your vision board be fulfilled!

    • That is awesome! Love the versatility myself. One full bedroom wall is something I have not done but have thought about over the years,perhaps my next house I will do just that. Glad you liked the article

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