Affirmations – What and Why Do They Work

What are affirmations?

They are often short statements said or written down. They are meant to work on the conscious and subconscious mind.Affirmations a way to bring up mental images that can inspire and help change your thoughts. The idea of a positive affirmation is one that can help change a limiting belief.

How to create them

One of the best ways I have come across to write affirmations successfully comes from a book by Jack Canfield called The Success Principles in it he gives this layout on how to write them down.positive affirmation notes

  1. State it in the present tense
  2. Keep it brief,these are just short statements
  3. Start with the words…. I am
  4. State it in the positive
  5. Include at least one feeling or emotion word
  6. Make it specific to what you are affirming
  7. Use an action word ending in… ing
  8. Also make them about and for yourself!!


So what are some pros to using affirmations:

They have the potential and if used daily to shift your mindset from one that is negative to positive. Some of the most successful people have used them.

One of the big pros are they are FREE Positive affirmations are available at no cost to you, you simply have to take an effort to write them down. The only real tools required are your conscious mind and your ability to focus on what you really want.

There are so many possibilities. You can create positive affirmations and brief statements that directly reflect what you would like to be, do or have in your life.

They only take seconds out of your day, you can recite them to yourself anywhere.


One of the biggest cons when using positive affirmations is that we are going against a negative belief that our mind as been conditioned to. As such it feels foreign to us. There lays the problem a lot of people have, in order for affirmations to work effectively they have to have emotion and feeling. This is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome.

Another hurdle of sorts is that even though we set out with good intentions to repeat our affirmations throughout the day we let life get in the way. We forget or get busy. I put this as a con because we tend to try to rush our own journey. When we do that it starts to defeat the purpose and our negative thinking emerges. Something we do not want.

Which leads me to the last con on this list. We may return to our negative thought patterns. Or at least those are some excuses we tell ourselves. Start out by putting one or two on the bathroom mirror,as easy as seeing and saying them as you brush your teeth.


To Be Successful With Positive Affirmations

In my experience personally and in what I have taught to others is if you are going to use positive affirmations, and I hope you will. You have to do so in such a way that your emotions and your feelings MATCH UP WITH YOUR AFFIRMATION !

In order for you to change the vibrational energy that surrounds you from a positive affirmation has to FEEL TRUE. I can’t emphasis enough your emotions and feelings must match to your affirmation.

So for example a common positive affirmation goes something like this. I am worthy, my confidence is soaring.

Now if the FEELING that you get by saying this is one low self-esteem than it will take longer to work. Instead, change it up a bit. Our new affirmation would go like this. I give myself permission to feel worthy and confident. You are telling the universe that you feel confident and ready to be worthy of all good things. Remember the law of attraction is just that, what you think and feel you get back.affirmations feeling words


Are learning positive affirmations worth it? I say a resounding yes!!

They help realign your positive vibrational energy..the stuff you put out to the universe.

New research has also shown that it helps calm not just the mind but also the body resulting in lower stress levels.

People who tend to practice positive self talk also have a tendency to bounce back from illness faster.



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Cathy Cavarzan


  1. I think affirmations really do work! But I struggle to keep them places where I’ll read them daily. Do you have some ideas on that?

    • Hi Clay thank you for reading and commenting. The main places that I use them are on the bathroom mirror as I am in there everyday. I have 2 on post it notes taped to the corner of my laptop(so as not to interfere with the screen). I also have one next to my coffee pot as that is where I am at least 3 times a morning. LOL Sounds funny but for me it works. Someone else mentioned that they have an app on their phone now as a reminder to say them.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for sharing this great post! I have been using affirmation to help me through tough times in work, and couple with visualization sometimes. Are you going to give us an article on visualization as well?

    • Thank you Brian for commenting. Yes visualization will also be discussed as I think it to be a great tool.Anything that allows us to knock down our limiting beliefs.I will probably do a few on visualization and how they work. I have used them for years and also got my son using them when he was having a hard time in school. Affirmations will also be discussed again in future articles.

  3. So many people (myself included) let negative thoughts limit them and change their outlook life. I believe that the positive affirmations that you have talked about here can help people if they will just try it. They have helped me!

    • Hi Kaleb thank you for commenting. I am glad to hear you have tried them yourself. Hope you will continue using them. Personally I have been usingthem in my daily life for over ten years now. They do work! Stay positive

  4. Hey Cathy, what a fascinating subject affirmations are. These 8 tips on how to create successful affirmations are very inspiring, thanks for passing this information on.
    I think most of us cloud our positive affirmations with negative beliefs, most of us seem to be conditioned to think this way. You’re right, positivity feels foreign in my mind too.
    The biggest hurdle we have to jump over is taking time out to write down our affirmations.
    Like you say, it will only take 2 minutes to match my affirmations with my emotions & feelings further to making them positive & feeling true. I could write them down on post-it-notes like I set weekly goals, then stick them to my computer screen.
    Thanks again for your tips,

    • Yes I have some posted on my laptop,my bathroom mirror and even next to my coffee pot. Over time if you can learn to give yourself permission to feel and be emotional with your affirmations they do grind down our limiting beliefs.As you stated yes most(I know I have)been conditioned to this way. Our belief system,what we believe in starts when we are young.

  5. Such a great article! It was a great reminder to me of the need to have positive affirmations around where I can easily see them and use them! I’ll definitely use the ideas you’ve suggested. Thanks!

    • Thank you Kayla
      The idea of putting notes on the bathroom mirror helped me tremendously. I also use them on the corners of my laptop.
      I even have one on the counter next to the coffee pot ! Sounds funny I know,but they are gentle reminders to stay positive and to keep at my goals.

  6. Great post. I love affirmations even though I did not believe them for the longest time. Now I have an app on my phone that reminds me, sticky notes all around my house and a few new habits, like saying affirmations in my car while I look into my eyes (I usually do this at red lights and not while driving). I think everyone should read “The Success Principles”.

    I also listen to subliminal programming at night while I sleep to help drive in positive messages. What are your thoughts on combining the two?

    • Nice to meet you Irma.
      Combining the two techniques most definatley. Subliminal programming has been around for a while and while some in the scientific community are just now catching up,research has shown it helps with the rewiring of our neural pathways.While affirmations work more on our conscious level first. Repetition in affirmations then start to work on our subconscious. Where as subliminal works mainly at or below the subconscious level with no interference of our logical consciousness.
      Subliminal programming will be in a future article.
      Thank you for your kind comments

  7. Great website! Loved this article! I believe positive self affirmations work. I enjoyed your article very much! I have been learning about meditation recently and your article reminded me of the Loving Kindness one I do sometimes. Have a great day!

    • Thank you for the kind words Angela. I love meditation myself especially if I can do it out in nature. I am glad this gave you a gentle reminder sometimes that is all we need. Stay positive

  8. Hi Cathy
    Your suggestion of saying “I give myself permission to …” is very potent – thank you for that suggestion! I used to say “I am willing to …” – but giving myself permission is so much better – I am going to use that in future instead!
    I have seen the hint somewhere that if an affirmation feels untrue, to just write the word – thus if saying “I am wealthy” – to just write the word “wealth” down over and over again while thinking what it is like to have wealth. Apparently that bypasses our defenses that it is not (yet) true in our lives, while working on a subconscious level none the less.
    Wishing you a day filled with abundance!

    • Very true we have to give ourselves permission. And utmost importance like you stated if it does not feel true than it will not work. We have to bypass our defenses even if we dont realize some of those subconscious defenses have been around since childhood.

  9. Thank you for leading me to this at my time of need. I have heard of affirmations before but really didn’t understand how to use them. Your explanation of the lay out, matching your affirmations with your emotions and feelings, and how to keep them in the forefront of our minds on a daily basis is so very helpful for me and I am sure many others. I can’t wait to read more on this great site.

    I feel truly blessed to have had our paths crossed.

    • I am thrilled that you came over and read my site. It is a blessing that our paths crossed I agree. It took my years to realize that affirmations really work. Only after I read something myself about using feelings and emotions with affirmations did it finally click and fall into place.

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